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Trevor Cox, Principal and Senior Planner/ Arborist - MCIP,  RPP

Trevor has 25 years of experience managing natural resources in BC. His experience has focused primarily in the field of environmental planning and urban forest management. Trevor is well known for his knowledge of vegetation, soil and water interactions and has applied this knowledge to develop innovative management plans to maximize the benefits of trees and our natural areas while obtaining public support to establish policies for vegetation on public and on private land. His experience in working with limited root and canopy space, poor soil quality, tree planting and establishment, mechanical and chemical damage to vegetation has garnered him respect throughout the industry. Having conducted thousands of arborist reports and restoration plans throughout British Columbia he knows the limitations and benefits of the policy, guidelines and best management practices applied to urban forest and natural area management. Trevor has drawn upon this breadth of knowledge to develop cost effective management plans that consider the needs of the client, various agencies and public interest groups. He regularly participates in public consultation programs and always brings energy and enthusiasm to the projects he is involved in.