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Fiona Steele, Principal and Senior Biologist- RPBio

Fiona is a professional biologist at DHC with over 20 years of experience in the fields of forestry, ecology and GIS. Through an evolving career her passion for native plants has led her to specialize in ecosystem restoration and invasive plant management within urban areas. Fiona collaborates with local governments and public land owners to create policy and strategic plans for managing invasive species. She frequently carries out invasive plant inventories, develops habitat restoration plans and coordinates large scale invasive plant treatment programs. Fiona is in her second term on the Board of Directors of the Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver and in 2014 was a member of the committee overseeing the Regional Invasive Species Strategy. She is an associate member of Metro Vancouver’s Regional Planning Advisory Committee - Invasive Species Subcommittee. In addition to ecological work, over her career she has managed and implemented GIS for a wide variety of natural resource based projects.