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Ecosystem Restoration Team

Diamond Head’s Ecosystem Restoration team has been carrying out ecosystem restoration work in the Lower Mainland since 2004. Projects range from invasive species removal/control and re-vegetation to rehabilitation programs requiring erosion control, slope stabilization, stream rehabilitation, wetland restoration, fish and wildlife habitat enhancement. Our team also has experience in trail maintenance, tree mat installation and planting vegetative buffers and wildlife hedgerows on farms.

A large component of our work involves manual and mechanical control of invasive plant species. Target species include Himalayan blackberry, English holly, English ivy, cherry laurel, lamium, tansy, butterfly bush, purple loosestrife, pickerelweed, Scotch broom, periwinkle, Himalayan balsam, wild chervil, garlic mustard, morning glory, orange hawkweed and yellow flag-iris. Through this work, our team is able to assess the effectiveness of control methods and adapt practices based on first-hand experience.

The majority of DHC’S operational work takes place on public land, often in parks where public interaction is an expected part of the job. We recognize that above and beyond ecological significance of the work, fostering a positive relationship with the public is of utmost importance and is critical to the ongoing success of a municipal ecosystem restoration / invasive plant control program.