Watercourse + Riparian Assessment

DHC’s Professional Biologists are experienced at stream classification, riparian assessments and water quality surveys and assessment. We are also able to prepare and submit any approvals or notifications required under regulation.  Regulatory requirements exist for works in and around streams and the ocean. These are contained within municipal bylaws and development permits, the Provincial Fish Protection Act, the Water Sustainability Act and Riparian Areas Regulation, and the federal Fisheries Act. Typically, a qualified environmental professional defines required setbacks for development and recommends measures to protect riparian buffers, such as windfirming treatments and erosion control. DHC also develops restoration plans for degraded watercourses and riparian areas, which often includes in-stream works to improve habitat and water quality as well as invasive species control and restoration planting.

  • Stream classification
  • Riparian assessment (riparian areas regulation)
  • Water quality surveys & assessment