Riparian areas regulation Assessments

Riparian Assessment
Various Clients
2005 - Current

The Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) requires that an assessment methodology be followed and that an Assessment Report be completed and filed when a development application incorporates a stream. The assessment is used to determine the appropriate Stream Protection and Enhancement Area (SPEA) width and the “measures” required to protect and maintain the integrity of the SPEA.

DHC works with developers to complete RAR reports of varying degrees of complexity. DHC has qualified environmental professionals (QEPs) that are able to complete and submit these reports. The process involves justifying and documenting that the protection area will adequately protect the function of the stream.

Some municipalities have chosen to further protect and enhance their riparian areas through the use of streamside protection bylaws, Development Permit Areas, and Riparian Management Areas. DHC regularly works with clients and municipal employees to submit applications and reports to meet the requirements of these various regulations.