Our approach to development planning, master planning and urban design represents a contemporary evolution of designing with nature. We understand the ecology of urbanizing environments and reveal strategic opportunities to leverage environmental features in service of your project objectives. Our team's ability to translate between the form and function of urban and natural systems results in significant value creation across environmental, social and economic goals. Informed by in-house technical expertise in inventory, analysis, management and field operations, our development strategies are cost-effective from planning stages to implementation. Our plans are functional and beautiful - they look good and work well. And ultimately, we measure our success by yours: creating great places.

  • Urban forest management plans
  • Urban forest development plans / precinct plans
  • Urban forest planting guidelines & best practices
  • Implementation plans & measures of success
  • Urban forest canopy inventories
  • Ecosystem service assessments (itree)
  • Regulatory policy / context review
  • Community consultation, visioning & goal setting