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Park management planning addresses local governments’ needs to ensure reasonable, balanced and consistent decision-making with respect to the strategic use of limited resources to manage the dual mandate of environmental protection and public recreation within parks.

Diamond Head specializes in the development of Park Management Plans with specific expertise in cost-effective environmental enhancement and recreation management. Our plans use a “continuous improvement” model whereby simple and measurable indicators ensure ongoing alignment with management goals.

Our team also designs and constructs recreational trail amenities following a design-with-nature approach, providing a safe and enjoyable experience for trail users while ensuring ecological values are protected.

Specifically, our Park Management Plans consider:

>  park inventory and analysis to understand environmental, recreational and cultural/heritage values; user needs, resource constraints and opportunities;

>  park planning and design to identify guiding principles; community vision, goals, objectives and priority actions; to develop parks and recreation master plans; and,

>  park management and field operations as a means to facilitate inter-departmental coordination, cost-effective management prescriptions, community ownership/stewardship and the application of best practices.

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