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p.54 Metro Vancouver Urban Forest Climate Adaptation Framework

Metro Vancouver Urban FOrest CLimate Adaptation Framework

DESCRIPTION: Urban Forest Adaptation Guidelines
CLIENT: Metro Vancouver
YEAR:  2016

In response to concerns that the region's existing urban forest may not be well suited to the changing climate, Metro Vancouver initiated a project with Diamond Head to develop 'Urban Forest Climate Adaptation Guidelines'. The project identified anticipated climate impacts, assessed vulnerability and risk to the existing urban forest and developed new guidelines for building resilience moving forward.

Regionally downscaled climate projections, scientific and grey literature were used to develop climate impact statements. Risk and vulberability were assessed using ICLEI's workbook for municipal climate adaptation based on the professional judgement of the project team and Advisory Panel. The guidelines include a regionally specific framework for climate suitable tree species selection and illustrate management techniques to help maximize the benefits (ecosystem services) and reduce the risk of significant urban forest decline.

For the Design Guidelines, click here.

For the Climate Adaptation Framework, click here.