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p.22 oasis campus of care

OASIS CAMPUS OF CARE Development Planning

DESCRIPTION: Master Plan Design, Zoning Amendment Application, Consultation + Project Management
CLIENT: Element Lifestyle Retirement Inc.
YEAR:  2013 - Ongoing

oasis rendering by jeff mcswain

Element Lifestyle Retirement Inc. engaged Diamond Head to develop a master plan vision, site plan, and zoning amendment application for the OASIS campus of care in the Township of Langley.

Urban design for the 17-acre site centres on the integration of the mixed-use care program with the site's defining natural and recreational features, including a salmon bearing stream, community garden and extensive trail network. Water plays a central role in the project's narrative for health and wellness and a series of pools, ponds and swales manages stormwater on site while providing experiential connections between building and landscape programs.

Diamond Head also provided arboriculture consulting services to inventory significant (bylaw) trees found on site. Integration of this information within the master plan design process directly supported the Township's requirement for development of an Integrated Site Development Concept (ISDC).