nicomekl River Environmental Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment
PFS Studio
2017 - 2018

The Nicomekl River is a major fish-bearing watercourse located in the City of Surrey, which empties into Boundary Bay. DHC was retained to do an environmental overview assessment of the approximately 25 ha newly formed park located on its southern bank between Elgin Road and 40th Avenue. This park currently consists of a wide variety of ecosystems, ranging from natural to disturbed. The site was delineated into polygons with similar habitat and ecology characteristics. Sample plots were established in each polygon where detailed observations were taken of trees, vegetation and wildlife. Ecological and habitat features, invasive species, and species at risk were noted. Watercourses were mapped and measured, with riparian Streamside Protection and Enhancement Areas (SPEAs) identified. This inventory and report summarizes environmental values and existing land use associated with the park and includes preliminary recommendations for environmental protection, restoration and enhancement.

After completion of the EA Report, DHC staff were involved in stakeholder consultation to gain an understanding of how the local community presently uses and values the park, as well as their vision for its future.