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Invasive Species Specialist Team

Diamond Head’s Invasive Species Specialist team has been using pesticide application to control invasive plants across the Lower Mainland since 2012. Our team offers extensive experience and expertise in chemical treatment of knotweed and giant hogweed as well as a variety of other invasive species (e.g. lamium, blackberry, tansy, reed canary grass, European hawthorn, English holly and European fire ants). We use an integrated pest management approach to invasive species management which involves selecting from a range of possible control techniques that are site specific including:

  • Manual removal
  • Stem injection
  • Foliar spray
  • Cut and paint

Our team’s experience includes treatment in a variety of land use types; parks and natural areas, roadsides and back alleys, maintained landscapes, railways, and residential and commercial properties. Our experience in parks and natural areas includes working in riparian zones. We understand the sensitivity of riparian areas and adhere to pesticide application restrictions near water courses.

The majority of DHC’S operational work takes place on public land, often in parks where public interaction is an expected part of the job. We recognize that above and beyond ecological significance of the work, fostering a positive relationship with the public is of utmost importance and is critical to the ongoing success of a municipal invasive plant control program. Chemical treatment is a highly concerning topic to the general public. Our staff are always careful to ensure the physical safety of both the public and themselves. Our Invasive Species Specialist team is trained to maintain a positive, calm and non-confrontational demeanor.