invasive species management

Diamond Head has been a leader in invasive species management in the Lower Mainland since 2006. Our team's expertise includes providing advice and developing strategies for all facets of invasive species management as well as on-the-ground control of invasive plants. Our field operations crews are trained in the current Best Management Practices, including appropriate removal techniques and preventative practices to reduce the risk of spread. Our crews have experience controlling over 20 different invasive plant species including giant hogweed and knotweed. Diamond Head holds a Pesticide Use License and our pesticide crews are all Certified Pesticide Applicators. Our work often pertains to the management of parks and public lands, and public interaction is an expected part of the job. Beyond the ecological significance of the work, we recognize that fostering a positive relationship with the public is critical to the long-term success of invasive plant control programs.

  • Manual removal of invasive plants on challenging sites
  • Stem injection & foliar application of pesticide for control of high risk species
  • Long-term maintenance of ecosystem restoration sites