GreeN infrastructure Planning

DHC’s team of planners, landscape designers, biologists, arborists and foresters have decades of experience developing strategies for managing biodiversity, establishing green infrastructure habitat networks, restoring and enhancing sensitive ecosystems  and parks and recreation planning. Our team works extensively with municipal planners and land developers to manage environmental features, ecosystem services and their associated risk in urban areas. We utilize advanced mapping technologies such as LiDAR to derive precise and accurate landscape features, analyze connectivity and apply tools such as i-Tree Hydro or scientifically defensible equations to estimate the magnitude and value of ecosystem services. Our in-house expertise in GIS, data analysis, graphic design, technical and policy knowledge, public engagement and reporting allows us to carry green infrastructure planning projects through from the early stages to implementation.

  • Project feasibility analysis

  • Strategies for ecosystem conservation, restoration & enhancement

  • Park & recreation planning & design

  • Stakeholder consultation & public engagement

  • Communications & information design

  • Comprehensive reporting & measures of success