gateway terrestrial habitat strategies and design for compensation plans for the gateway program port mann highway 1


Terrestrial Habitat Strategies + Design for Compensation Plans for the Gateway Program, Port Mann/Highway 1
Kiewit/Flatiron Group + Hatfield Consultants
2009 - 2013

Diamond Head provided expertise in the terrestrial ecosystems management program associated with the Port Mann/Highway 1 upgrade sections for the Gateway Program, developing riparian planting prescriptions for habitat compensation areas. These innovative prescriptions follow an approach that mimics natural primary succession. Planting prescriptions are based on a careful assessment of existing soils with the goal of quickly establishing a closed canopy that will naturally shade out invasive plant species and reduce maintenance costs. Each plan includes landscape specifications for plants, trees, soils, coarse woody debris and wildlife trees, artificial cover objects for amphibian habitat, and erosion and sediment control. Special measures were also recommended for prevention of damaging agents, such as beavers.