Dave Williams, Geospatial Analyst - B.Sc., Msc (Forestry), ISA Cert. Arb

Dave has strong geospatial skills and an interdisciplinary background in ecology and natural resources conservation. His MSc research involved creating a highly accurate high-resolution landcover map of Metro Vancouver using multispectral imagery and LiDAR data. Using vegetation derived from this landcover map, he also analyzed greenspace connectivity and equity in Metro Vancouver.

Dave's previous work experience includes conducting silviculture surveys for Western Forest Products, as well as timber reconnaissance and site assessments with the Yukon department of Energy, Mines and Resources. At DHC Dave brings his geospatial skills to bear as a GIS analyst while also training as a consulting arborist.

In his spare time, Dave likes to ride his self-built touring bike, strum guitar, make bleeps and bloops, and fall down while learning how to back country ski.