City of Richmond Public Tree Management Strategy and Urban Forest Manual

Inventory Planning and Implementation
City of Richmond
2017 - Present

Diamond Head Consulting is working with staff from the City of Richmond to develop a Public Tree Management Strategy for City Trees, and a technical manual to support urban forest operations. This project involves developing the City’s policy approach to City tree management, including consideration of best management practices for tree maintenance and pruning cycles, risk management, integrated pest management, tree planting and removals and so on. In addition, we coordinated the collection of LiDAR data for the project and have used that to develop land cover mapping, a canopy height model and derive canopy cover polygons for the entire City. The Public Tree Management Strategy will be a highly produced, publicly appealing policy document providing the vision and objectives for the City’s trees, while the Urban Forest Manual will contain the technical and budget information required to support the City’s municipal tree program.