Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a process for evaluating the effects of a development project on the environment. Beyond the identification of potential negative effects, this process identifies opportunities to avoid, mitigate or minimize impacts. In doing so, EIAs assist in the planning and development stages of a project to protect environmental values, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce project costs associated with unnecessary delays. 

Diamond Head specializes in EIAs and reviews for development projects affecting natural areas and/or environmental values in urban areas. Projects vary from small site-level projects to major infrastructure initiatives, including new community developments, roads, communication towers and utilities.  In addition to our in-house expertise, we are also fortunate to work with a network of proven and experienced industry consultants, providing expert advice on all aspects of environmental assessment to meet your project needs. We liaise with appropriate regulatory authorities to ensure all submissions are compliant.

  • Technical investigations, considering: fish habitat & riparian area protection; wildlife & critical habitat; vegetation & terrestrial ecosystem mapping (TEM); rare & endangered species; landscape/ viewshed analysis; physical geography (landform, terrain)
  • Stakeholder consultation, including aboriginal communities
  • Mitigation, compensation and/or restoration/enhancement strategies
  • Clear, concise & comprehensive reporting