AMPHIBIAN + mAMMAL SALVAGE Langley 202nd Street

Amphibian + Small Mammal Salvage, at Langley 202 St. Park and Ride

Diamond Head was hired by SNC-Lavalin to conduct an amphibian and small mammal salvage on a site being developed as a Park and Ride in Langley (202 Street). Development was expected to result in some disturbance to wetlands and tributaries of Latimer Creek. Target species included Pacific Water Shrew (a red-listed species in BC), amphibians (blue-listed red-legged frog, long-toed salamander) and two snail species (blue-listed Pacific sideband and red-listed Oregon forest snail). DHC employed various capture techniques included pitfall arrays, baited minnow traps and nets to successfully capture over 4,000 individuals, which were relocated to suitable habitat off-site.