AMPHIBIAN + mAMMAL SALVAGE Langley 202nd Street

Amphibian + Small Mammal Salvage, at Langley 202 St. Park and Ride

Diamond Head was hired by SNC-Lavalin to conduct an amphibian and small mammal salvage on a site being developed as a Park and Ride in Langley (202 Street). Development was expected to result in some disturbance to wetlands and tributaries of Latimer Creek. Target species included Pacific Water Shrew (a red-listed species in BC), amphibians (blue-listed red-legged frog, long-toed salamander) and two snail species (blue-listed Pacific sideband and red-listed Oregon forest snail). The DHC employed various capture techniques included pitfall arrays, baited minnow traps and nets to successfully capture over 4,000 individuals, which were relocated to suitable habitat off-site.